What I Teach

Here are the courses I’m currently teaching or have previously taught:

Western Seminary, Online Campus
BLS 502XE: Prophets
BLS 503YE: Epistles 2
THS 501/511E: Theology I
THS 502/512E: Theology II
THS503/513E: Theology III (Holy Spirit, Church, End Times)
THS 551E:Understanding Biblical Theology
THS 561E: Equipping the Saints for Spiritual Warfare
THS564LE: Prayer and Providence
THS 565LE: 20th Century Theology

The Wesleyan Church: FLAME
Intro to Theology
Doctrine of Holiness

Spring Arbor University, Graduate and Professional Studies
IDS 300 Biblical Perspectives

Indiana Wesleyan, Adult and Graduate Studies
BIL 120 Themes in Biblical Literature
BIL 231 Biblical Archaeology

Cornerstone University, Traditional Undergraduate
REL 352 Christian Beliefs and History



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