Water into Wine

Last night I read a retelling of the time Jesus turned water into wine at the wedding in Cana (by Jennie Allen in Nothing to Prove).  And I cried.  Much harder than I would think is reasonable.

I was struck by the fact that Jesus’s first miracle was at a celebration and had no inherent healing or necessary qualities.  Sure, there’s foreshadowing of the wedding feast at the end of time, but it appears, in large part, that he wanted them to have enough wine to celebrate their new life together.

And I remembered that I serve a God who celebrates.  Celebration isn’t frivolous, or if it is, it’s God ordained frivolity.  I like celebrations, but if I rarely let loose in them. Maybe it’s because I don’t drink wine 😉 But, seriously.  Or maybe it’s because I’m so pragmatic and celebrations don’t seem to help me check things off my to do list. Maybe it’s because I feel uncomfortable letting go and having fun; I want to be doing and helping and making sure other people are having fun.

Whatever the reason, I am missing out on a good thing.  The God who turned water into wine for the wedding celebration of a friend certainly would want me to let loose once in a while.

After reading the story, I went to the story to buy my daughter silly Valentine treats, and gifts for my team to celebrate a project we just accomplished.  And I will try, next time I’m invited to a party to go. And to let loose and enjoy it.  Because God appears to like a party and I want to be more like him.