Pondering Patriarchy in the Primeval and Noahic Blessings

I’m playing with the idea that God’s blessing to Noah and his sons in Genesis 9:1 (which is a direct quote of his blessing to Adam and Eve in 1:28) is an indication that patriarchy has entered the picture when we don’t see it in the original design.  The blessing was originally given to humanity, “male and female” (1:27) and is now given to men (as representatives of their families?). Which begs the question, is God an active participant in patriarchy by addressing only Noah and his sons, by condescending to culture, or is just evidence of selective details written by an author steeped in patriarchy?

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Pondering Patriarchy in the Primeval and Noahic Blessings

  1. Susan D November 21, 2014 / 5:05 am

    Fascinating question, Jen. More fascinating would be the implications if God were not an active participant in patriarchy. Here’s food for thought – it does not appear that patriarchy was part of the original design like you observed. Perhaps patriarchy entered the picture as a result of The Fall, particularly in Gen 3:16 where God tells the woman ”…Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.” The address to Noah and his sons may be evidence of God previously establishing a patriarchal society.

  2. Rachel November 21, 2014 / 1:06 pm

    Patriarchy was “created” through imperfection and a desire to have power over others. Patriarchy is the root of slavery and injustice all over the world, women and children were traded, raped, sold, stolen and became instruments in games of power and dominance. God did not design that.

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