Sometimes Love Looks Like… or The Last 24 Hours in Review


Sometimes love looks like telling your wife not to worry, you’ve got a plan for a quiet Valentine’s Day at home.  #thoughtful

Sometimes love looks like picking out cheese for a in-home picnic together and you each pick out your own cheese because the other’s cheese choices are gross. #morebrieforme

Sometimes love looks like leaving work to pick up your wife and daughter so you can drive them to the ER because your toddler might have swallowed aspirin pills out of a friend’s purse.  #shedidnot 

Sometimes love looks like doing the dishes and cutting the apples and bread so your wife can wash off the stress of the day and slip into pajamas #nothingmoreromanticthanpajamapantsandatshirt 

Sometimes love looks like selecting folded up post-it notes, one by one, with each year you’ve been together written on them and remembering your story piece by piece #let’snotrevisist2009forawhile

Sometimes love looks like waking up at 3:30 to lay with your sad little toddler who just wants some good, cold milk and can’t seem to sleep. #sheloveshergoodcoldmilk

Sometimes love looks like taking turns cuddling a vomiting toddler, changing clothes, washing sheets and watching mind-numbing toddler shows with said sick toddler for hours on end in the middle of the night. #gross #that’swhyshecoudln’tsleep

Sometimes love looks like being awake from 3:30 until 10am when you can’t take it anymore and switch shifts. #sotired

Sometimes love looks like laughter when you say to me, “Remember when today was supposed to look differently than it did?” #thiswholeweekneedsadoover #Iwouldhavepreferredthebeachovervomit

Sometimes love means getting dressed and dragging yourself, exhausted, to the grocery store for anything that looks good because you all just need food. #impulseshoppingatitsfinest #donut #bisquick #coke #frozenpizza

Sometimes love looks like treasuring the details of Valentine’s Day in your soul without telling the whole world via twitter, facebook or your blog. #notthisyear


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