Chicken & Broccoli*

ImageLast night I got chicken and broccoli from a new Chinese restaurant.  I love Chinese food and had not yet found a restaurant that I loved since moving to Michigan almost two years ago. 

It was so good.  

I had inhaled nearly half of it before realizing I wasn’t actually tasting it anymore; I was eating too fast to enjoy it. So I took a breath, set down my fork and waited until I was done chewing before I took another bite.  I wanted to enjoy my chicken and broccoli to the fullest.

When you are studying the Bible for class it can be easy to eat without tasting.  You can get so distracted studying the Bible for class and trying to finish assignments that you miss the experience of meeting God in the Word.  As you are nearing the end of this class don’t miss the opportunity to taste what you are eating and experience as you are reading.

*I had to write a devotional for a fictitious class for an assignment today for a faculty development class I’m taking.  This was the result. It’s speaking to imaginary students, but it’s also a good reminder to me as a finish final grading for the semester to read the words the students wrote and allow God to speak through them to me…as I grade them.

Photo credit: I totally took that picture on my iPhone today. Leftovers were delicious!