I’m a Professor!

I just completed my first week of teaching traditional undergraduate classes.    These are classes where I wrote the syllabus; I created (or borrowed) the assignments.  Much of my students’ learning will depend on how well I organize the course and communicate the material; it’s a lot of responsibility. It’s been a lot of work and a lot of stress and it has been SO MUCH fun!

Just over a month ago I was sitting in my supervisor’s office quitting my job as a grader because I felt like there was a little too much going on in my life and needed to focus on things that mattered more to me.  I walked out the office with an offer to teach.  We had a little family meeting and reorganized some things in all of our lives to carve out room for me to add teaching to my plate.  I’m grateful for my husband’s support and I’m excited that my 2 year old is going to get to hang out with other little kids in the morning at a local daycare.  

Right now I’m so focused on the material and presentations that I’m just starting to become aware that the 43 students I have are real people with real lives outside of the 3 hours I see them each week.  As I’m getting more comfortable with my presence in the classroom and how I do the teaching thing, I’m going to have a growing opportunity to get to know them as people with hopes, fears, dreams, jobs, ministries and relationships.  I’m excited to get to invest in their theological development as well as their lives.

Let the adventure begin!


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