Freshman Fail

We arrived in Sussex, NB Canada after a long trek from western Michigan. My parents moved me into the dorm.  I unpacked myself and got everything set up. My parents left for the night and I didn’t know what to do with all of my time.  I didn’t quite have the guts to go up and talk with random people so I stayed in my room hoping they would come to me.  And, while I waited, I tried to think of something to do other than stare at the wall (this was before cell phones and before everyone had Internet and we weren’t allowed to have TVs in our rooms).

So, my brilliant idea?  Iron my clothes.

My poor clothes had just survived a 20 hour drive to eastern Canada and were wrinkled.  And, if I ironed them all now then I wouldn’t have to iron them before I needed them.   This, in itself, wasn’t a bad plan.  What made it a bad plan was carrying to the extreme.  After all my shirts and dresses were ironed I looked around for something to do…might as well iron my t-shirts…and my jeans…and…wait, my jeans?  Really?  I’m not sure if there was anything in my wardrobe that I didn’t iron.

Later, I learned that there were rumors swirling about a freshman who ironed all of her clothes.  Thankfully, since there were so many new students no one really remembered my name so there was no name to connect to the crazy-ironer.  But I was embarrassed.  And I’m still embarrassed to this day.

The good news is that we can recover from our awkward moments.  I made friends pretty quickly as the new student activities began.  I started dating my now husband before the end of the semester and, by my junior year, I was an RA and Student Body President.

So, Internet world, you may not feel the awkwardness as you read this that I do as a write it, but remember the beginnings are often tough, but they can get better.  We can move past our mistakes and weird impressions!


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