Learn the Lesson of the Fallen Tree, but Focus on the Trees Still Standing

I just saw a 40ft tree fall.

A tree that had been growing for many decades.  A beautiful tree that had survived drought, storms, hot summer days and cold winter nights was cut down today in a matter of minutes by three skillful cuts into the base of its trunk.

I’ve been reading recently about the small choices that lead to affairs and adultery.  The little choices we make to sin that end up destroying us. May this tree serve as a reminder.  A reminder not to let the life that’s been created and the time we’ve spent growing, changing, persevering and serving be destroyed in a matter of minutes by a few simple choices.

We should not hide or be afraid, but we must guard our hearts and not get too comfortable or too confident in our ability to stand.  The enemy is waiting for his opportunity to make a few skillful cuts and, with them, to bring our lives and our ministries crashing down.

And, after we’ve reminded ourselves to be cautious, rather than thinking too long about the one tree that fell, we should focus on the hundreds of other trees that are still standing. The other trees that are still living, growing, thriving, providing shade.  May every tree we see that is still standing be a reminder of the beauty and life that comes with persevering.


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